Showcase of the black cap
up front view of the black scum cap
Streetwear drip from the back of the black Scum cap
red light ambiance shot of the cap
sideways view of the black Scum cap

The Black Scum cap

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The black cap that started it all

The first official product of Scum. Rock this cap to make a statement. This piece of headwear is to showcase what Scum Clothing as brand stands for. Scum clothing focusses on telling the world that we are more than just scum, by putting a line through the negativity! On the front you can see the logo of Scum and on the side the icon called the reject cross. This cross is there to pay homage to the root of the brand. You can see at as an X with one line longer than the other, or a cross turned sideways. All as a reminder that even if we are rejected we are still saved by the cross.

The closure of the cap

The closure of the cap is an easy adjustable style. It also gets implemented often with snapbacks and baseball caps. This will make it a great fit for every head size!

 red closure of the streetwear black cap

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