About Us

The crew behind Scum

Scum started as a feeling, a moment where I was feeling low. I got stared down a lot,  treated differently and unnecessarily pulled over. People looked down at me, like I was scum. This was just because I was living in a certain neighborhood, looked a certain way or that my parents didn't have well-paid jobs. Because of those criteria, people looked in my dark brown eyes and before they started talking to me, they already made an assumption that I was worthless. That I was scum. This made me furious on the inside and I just could not understand it. What gave this person, who has had a different upbringing than me, the right to treat me like that? This actually triggered me to act like the person he thought me to be and made me careless about what people could think. My mom noticed this behavior change in me and decided that it was time for us to visit church. Going to church, I learned to let go of the way of thinking I had, which meant to realize that people don’t determine my value, but GOD does! It is God who looked at me and told me I was more than just scum. From that point on, I decided to put an end to the negativity. That’s why there is a line through the word SCUM. Remember that people don’t determine YOUR value, but only GOD says who you are! 

logo scum

I thought about ways to reach the people, who still believed that they are scum. To help them see the light, who is God, and to spread His message across. So, I started to brainstorm and came to a conclusion to put the logo on a cap. You can't hide it and it clearly shows what you stand for. The other awesome part of it, is that people who agree with our message are able to show their approval of the brand.

After this, I created a logo and wrote the exact meaning of the brand. A friend of mine told me “Why limit it to caps only, the logo would also look dope on clothing." Seeing his point of view, I agreed and started to work hard and create different T-shirt concepts. I didn't want to be a basic streetwear brand that just makes uninspired stuff because it looks cool. Nah, if I do this, I needed to bring something new to the table. Scum needed to look dope and aesthetically appealing. I also want for streetwear-lovers to look at it and find it cool and wearable.

But if the brand didn't have any substance then all would be for nothing. That's why I knew I had to do this and do it well. If it wasn't for God, who changed my thinking, my mom, wife, friends, family for helping and pushing me, the brand wouldn't be where it is now. Remember that people don’t determine YOUR value, but only GOD does.