No mater what happens, we still have a GOOD LORD
Items from the Scum logo collection worn by the models in black and white Scum logo shirt, sweatpants and bag in black and white

The logo collection

Black Heaven T-shirt with yellow letters woman in black Heaven Scum shirt


I know my true worth
Black Agape graphic T-shirt Black Agape graphic T-shirt


A T-shirt focused on spreading the message of unconditional love

The world saw me as scum

But God saw my true worth


Scum clothing is a brand that focusses on telling the world that we are more than just scum. We do this by drawing a line through the negativity! Want to know how it started?

Product Of Mercy
A PRODUCT OF MERCY is something we all are, yet don't accept or know. Jesus died for us on the cross. Instead of destroying us, He forgave us for our sins and showed MERCY.
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Stay Unafraid
Staying unafraid means facing the world with courage and to keep seeing the beauty in God's creation.
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