A Scum convo with Derven Viant

At Scum we work with a variety of creatives. All of them are inspiring in different ways. Today we sat down with Derven Viant, a streetwear enthusiast from Indonesia. What I personally liked about him was his style and humbleness.


derven in the Blueprint sweatshirt


Tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m just an ordinary guy who likes fashion, for now I’m just a content creator who makes fashion content on TikTok and Instagram.

Derven styling our Good Lord hoodie from the back

Now tell us, why do you rock with Scum Clothing?

 I like this brand because from the beginning I saw the pattern and design I really liked it because it was really similar to my style.

derven in the Blueprint sweatshirt from the back

And as a closer, do you have a motivating message for the reader?

Do what you like not others and don’t think about what others say because your success is determined by your own hard work not what others say.

Derven styling our Good Lord hoodie

Thank you for your time and message.

Derven Viant,  a man that followed his passion and stayed consistent with it. He did not care about what others said about him, but kept it pushing. What I noticed from my interactions with Derven is that he always stayed polite & humble. This is a character trait that can bring you a long way for sure in the online space. 


Well that was our talk with Derven, be sure to follow him on his socials:


@Dervenviantt on Tiktok

I hope you are encouraged & blessed by our brief convo!

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