A Scum convo with Maddie Nero

At Scum we work with a variety of creatives.All of them are inspiring in different in different ways. Today we sat down with Maddie Nero. A content creator who doesn't only share her highs on social media, but isn't afraid to also share her vulnerable moments.

Maddie & Daniel close-up in Scum


First a warm up tell us who you are and what you do?

I am Maddie Nero and I am a content creator, makeup artist, and aspiring entrepreneur.

In your TikToks you don’t only show the pretty side, but also your vulnerable moments. Why that choice and was it a hard one to make?

I choose to share the vulnerable and difficult times of my life on social media because I want people to feel as if they are not alone. I want my followers to feel like I am their friend. Life is not always pretty and it certainly isn’t always simple so if I didn’t show the ups and the downs, I would basically be lying to the whole Internet. I’ve been through so much in my life and I’ve overcame it all and I want to continue to show my followers that there is good after the storm.

I love that answer, seems like we relate on that front!

What keeps you motivated to continue what you do?

What keeps me motivated is the future because I have struggled so much throughout my life. I never looked ahead. I always was forced to live in the moment to stay safe and protect myself. Now that my life has taken a turn for the better I know that my future is full of good things, and it pushes me every day to do my best in everything that I do.

Beautifull answer, love it!

Now tell us, why do you rock with Scum Clothing?

I rock with scum because I love the message that you guys promote pushing away barriers and going against the haters is the most powerful thing you can do. The clothes are also such high quality and I love the different color scheme that you guys have developed.

I feel flattered!

And as a closer, do you have a motivating message for the reader?

My motivating message for the reader would be to learn from every experience in your life. There is going to be so many trials and tribulations, but that is what shapes us into our true selves.

Thank you for your time and message.

 Maddie & daniel together in New York dressed in Scum

Well that was our talk with Maddie, be sure to follow her on her socials:

@maddie_nero for her Instagrampage

@maddiesmakeup10 For her make-up page.

@maddienero on Tiktok

I hope you are encouraged & blessed by our brief convo!

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