Why we Stay Unafraid

Stay unafraid started as a personal muse. Something to remind me that I should trust God fully and not just at the moment that it feels comfortable. There are days when things just don't make sense, days that you feel tired, or just wish that things were how they used to be. In days like that I have to remind myself to stay unafraid because even when life feels like hell, I know God destined Heaven for me.

The essence of this could be summed up with Mark 5:36 which says "As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe."

I was struggling with myself on when to release this. Especially when the whole world started to focus on something else, COVID-19. As most of us know the pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty and fear in the world. Looking at the message, this was a great time to encourage the world to stay unafraid.

The design is created by the artist @radxtimez. It's a man in the wild on a mountain looking at the sunrise. As a guy afraid of heights I can see how the artwork relates to the message. Not everyone would dare to climb up a mountain and stand on the edge to look at the view, it takes a certain kind of courage to do and those who do it get rewarded by a totally mesmerizing view. This exactly how I see trusting God, sometimes he takes you to places where you need to show courage and faith and when you go through those places you will see how beautiful God and His love are.

When people look at the collection I hope the main thing they get from it is to stay unafraid and know that God still is control. If you're down let this encourage you, and if you want to encourage spread this positive message!

Check the collection.



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