I had the idea of Agape a long time ago. Ever since I first heard the meaning of the word during a preaching at church.


Everlasting love, unconditional love, a love beyond any circumstances, loving without expecting something in return, the way that God loves us.

flower with heart the illustration of agape

This one Greek word always struck me as weird. How can He love us so much even when we did nothing to deserve this. Based on my past I would describe the feeling God got for me in all kinds of way, but unconditional love? That didn't even cross my mind.

Imagine rejecting someone constantly and every time he still got his hands open for you. Imagining this in my head I saw a broken heart stitched together. Because when you love someone the risk of getting hurt emotionally becomes bigger.

agape T-shirt

But the most beautiful part is when the love called Agape gets answered with the same type of love.  It makes the heart flourish. Seeing a heart flourish after all the sweat and tears is one of the most beautiful things to see. I still can’t comprehend this love completely but am glad to experience it through God. Via this release I want to give a piece of this agape in the hope that it will be more than just another Greek word.

The artist Jericó Delayah (@iamdelayah) helped bringing this beautiful message to life.



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